Microsoft Promises RSS Support in Longhorn

Posted on June 26, 2005

Microsoft has announced that Longhorn, the next version of Microsoft's operating system, and IE 7.0 will support RSS. The announcement was made at the Gnomedex conference. Steve Rubel attended Gnomedex and he blogged about Microsoft's decision to support RSS:

Microsoft's Dean Hachamovitz right now is on stage at Gnomedex. He basically announced widespread support for RSS in Longhorn and Internet Explorer 7.0. This includes: 1) improving basic RSS experiences for users, 2) RSS tools that empower developers to RSS-enable applications, and 3) adding new extensions to RSS that broaden it (all available via Creative Commons). I was pre-briefed earlier this week, however, Scoble just told me there's a full video demo posted on Channel9.
This was probably an easy decision for Microsoft since it obvious that RSS and blogs are very useful for sharing data, publishing information and for improving online communications. The BBC also has an article about Microsoft's decision.

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