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The section covers political books and political intrigue related to writing and publishing.

  • White House Bans CNN, LA Times, NY Times and Politico From Press Conference (2017-02-24): Journalists were stunned today when Press Secretary Sean Spicer blocked CNN, The NY Times and the LA Times from a news gaggle in his office.

  • A French Translator Describes the Difficulty of Translating President Trump (2017-01-29): French translator Berengere Viennot explains why translating President Donald Trump's speeches into French is so difficult.

  • Bluewater Productions to Publish Ron Paul Comic Book (2012-01-07): Bluewater Productions has launched a Ron Paul comic.

  • Writers Launch Occupy Writers Website to Support Occupy Wall Street (2011-10-19): Writers have launched a website, occupywriters.

  • Random House and Politco Partner for Election 2012 Ebook Series (2011-07-06): The Random House Publishing Group has announced a partnership with Politico, a political news website.

  • President Obama's Book Income Revealed (2010-04-17): President Obama's 2009 tax return was recently made public.

  • Match the Author With the Love Scene (2006-02-14): In celebration of Valentine's Day, we're sharing question #24 from GQ magazine's new quiz about Vice President Dick Cheney entitled "You Don't Know Dick.

  • The Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century (2005-05-22): Who has the "power of rhetorical eloquence" in America? That was the question addressed by Stephen E.

  • Writer of Mysterious Tax Return Voyeur Provision Sought (2004-11-23): Normally, most U.

  • Jimmy Carter Credits Presidential Win to Robert Redford (2004-09-07): According to the Associated Press, at the Sundance ski resort owned by Robert Redford, former president and bestselling novelist Jimmy Carter revealed that it was Redford who coached Carter before his debates with Gerald Ford in the 1976 election.

  • An Inside Look At...IntellectualCapital.com (1997-11-01): "Today's Ideas.