SNL Skit: Chris Christie Explains Why He Can't Run for President -- Yet

Posted on October 9, 2011

In the Saturday Night Live Cold Open from last night, Jason Sudeikis played Mitt Romney addressing top Republican donors. The donors really want plain spoken New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to run and are desperate to find a way to make it happen. Finally, Mitt warns donors he's about to get mad saying, "I'm about to get angry. I'm not talking Regular Angry. I'm talking Mormon Angry. You're going to hear words like shucks, fudge and the biggie --- cheese and crackers."

Finally, Governor Christie (Bobby Moynihan) has to scold them for being mean to Romney. He also explains why he can't run -- he points to his waistline and says "This can't go national." But after telling Romney to cover his ears, he explains his secret plan to run in 2016. It's very funny. Take a look:

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