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Here are the latest posts about Michael Crichton on Writers Write:

  • HarperCollins to Publish Andromeda Strain Sequel (2019-04-01): HarperCollins has announced plans to publish a sequel to Michael Chrichton's Androme Strain. It will be called The Andromeda Strain Evolution.

  • Unpublished Michael Crichton Novel Dragon Teeth to be Published by HarperCollins (2016-07-30): An unpublished manuscript by the late Michael Crichton was found by his widow Sherri.Dragon Teeth will be published in the spring of 2017

  • Book Sales by Dead Authors are Booming (2015-12-05): Publishers are seeing great returns on sales of books by dead authors. In the world of posthumous publishing business is booming.

  • DreamWorks Acquires Rights to Michael Crichton's Novel Micro (2015-07-02): DreamWorks has acquired the rights to Michael Crichton's novel, Micro. The novel was completed by Richard Preston after Crichton passed away.

  • HarperCollins to Publish New Michael Crichton Novel (2011-05-23): HarperCollins announced it will publish a new Michael Crichton novel, Micro, in November, 2011.

  • Michael Crichton's Next Book May Be Canceled (2008-11-12): USA Today reports that Michael Crichton's next book, which was scheduled for release in spring of 2009, has been canceled because of the author's recent death.

  • The Andromeda Strain Returns as a Miniseries (2007-05-03): Remember The Andromeda Strain, the horrifying disease thriller by Michael Crichton that launched 1,000 imitators? Well, it's back and it's going to be a tv miniseries.

  • Michael Crichton's State of Fear (2004-08-18): For those that can't wait until the next Michael Crichton book comes out, hope is on the way.

  • Fox Buys Motion Picture Rights to Crichton's Next Book (2002-07-26): Twentieth Century Fox has purchased the motion picture rights to Michael Crichton's upcoming novel, Prey, it was announced by Hutch Parker, President of TCF.

  • Universal Studios Launches the Jurassic Park Institute (2001-10-17): Universal Studios has announced the creation of the Jurassic Park Institute (JPI) -- an educational program and resource for dinosaur research, learning and entertainment.

  • HarperCollins Signs Book Deal With Michael Crichton (2001-02-15): HarperCollins Publishers announced that it has signed a two book deal with bestselling author Michael Crichton.

  • Microsoft Reader Launches With Free Ebook Offers (2000-05-24): Microsoft Corp.

  • Michael Crichton Founds Computer Game Publishing Company (1999-04-16): Michael Crichton, best-selling author and director, has announced the formation of Timeline Studios, whose goal is to develop and distribute the next generation in computer gaming software.