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Here are the latest posts about Gadget Blogs on Writers Write:

  • The Verge Launches Gadget Blog Called Circuit Breaker (2016-04-25): The Verge has launched a new gadget blog called Circut Breaker. It is billed as the world's best.

  • Crowd Fusion Launches Tech Gadget Blog Called Obsessable (2008-09-30): A new technology blog and resource called Obsessable is powered by Crowd Fusion.

  • Sci Fi Channel Spins Off Gadget Blog (2007-12-03): The Sci Fi Channel is spinning off its tech and gadget blog to a new site called Dvice.

  • Boing Boing Launches Gadget Blog (2007-08-28): The people behind the popular Boing Boing blog have decided to take on blogs like Engadget, Gizmodo and the other gadget blogs.

  • CNET Expands Blog Network (2007-06-29): CNET has actually been publishing blogs since 2005.

  • Former Gizmodo Editor Blasts Gadget Bloggers and Gadget Nerds (2007-02-17): Gizmodo editor emeritus Joel Johnson has blasted gadget bloggers and gadget nerds in a new rant posted on Gizmodo called Horshoes and Hand Grenades.

  • Instablog Launch Includes Gadget Blog (2005-10-07): Instablogs, a blog network based in India, has launched its new blog network debuting with over 40 blogs.

  • When Will The Next Gadget Blog Launch? (2005-08-14): Is the Internet saturated with gadget blogs? At least a month or so has gone by since the last major gadget blog launched -- Gadgetizer launched in late July.

  • Yahoo Plans Gadget Website (2005-06-20): The Media Post reports that Yahoo is planning to launch a gadget and tech website.