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Here are the latest posts about Blog Networks on Writers Write:

  • Cheezburger Network Cuts 24 Jobs (2013-04-30): The Cheezburger Network, best known for its LOL Cats, has cut 24 jobs. This is about 35% of its workforce.

  • CNET Expands Blog Network (2007-06-29): CNET has actually been publishing blogs since 2005.

  • Are Blog Networks Failing? (2007-02-22): Paul Scrivens at Wisdump has a post about why he thinks blog networks have failed.

  • Weblogs Inc. to Shutter Some Small Blogs (2007-01-20): Valleywag is reporting that AOL's Weblogs Inc.

  • Glam Media Raises $18.5 Million (2006-12-17): The Red Herring reports that Glam Media has raised $18.

  • Blog Herald Sold to Bloggy Network (2006-12-09): The Bloggy Network, a UK blog publisher, has bought the Blog Herald from Problogging, Inc.

  • Sugar Publishing Raises $5 Million in VC Funding (2006-10-17): Sugar Publishing has raised $5 million in VC funding. The funding was from Michael Moritz at Sequoia Capital.

  • B5media Raises $2 Million (2006-10-05): B5media, a blog network, has raised $2 million in venture capital funding from Brightspark Ventures and J.

  • Gawker a Buyout Candidate? (2006-09-14): Frank Barnako reports that Gawker was one of the companies in a list of buyout candidates presented by an investment banker to the Online Publishers Association.

  • Personal Blogs vs. Traditional Media (2006-05-13): A comparison of personal blogs to traditional media following a post by Mark Cuban. Cuban says the difference is about the money.

  • BBC Launches Blog Network (2006-04-09): The BBC has launched its blog network.

  • Calacanis Forecasts Blog Network Doom (2005-12-23): Jason Calacanis, the CEO of Weblogs, Inc.

  • B5media and About Weblogs Merge (2005-11-07): B5media and About Weblogs have merged according according to a post on the Blog Herald.

  • Nick Denton: Gawker Media is Unacquirable (2005-11-04): A recent OJR article about a new online media bubble has a quote from Gawker Media founder Nick Denton who says Gawker is not for sale and unacquirable.

  • Do Big Blog Deals Mean Your Blog is Worth Lots of Money (2005-10-16): Several bloggers are looking back on the week's big blog-related acquisition news which includes the sale of Weblogs, Inc.

  • 1st Rule: You Do Not Blog About Blog Networks (2005-10-11): Martin Neumann recently shuttered his Blog Network Watch blog after just a week.

  • Blog Networks, Web Rings and Weblogs Inc.'s Blog Count (2005-10-10): Some bloggers are trying to do a price per blog analysis based on the Weblogs, Inc.

  • Instablog Launch Includes Gadget Blog (2005-10-07): Instablogs, a blog network based in India, has launched its new blog network debuting with over 40 blogs.

  • AOL to Acquire Weblogs, Inc. (2005-10-06): Reuters has a news story about AOL's plans to buy Weblogs, Inc.

  • Oodles of Blog Networks (2005-09-30): Several blog networks have launched over the past few weeks and there are many others, like Federated Media Publishing, are in the early planning stages.