Blog Herald Sold to Bloggy Network

Posted on December 9, 2006

Bloggy NetworkThe Bloggy Network, a UK blog publisher, has bought the Blog Herald from Problogging, Inc. This is the second time the Blog Herald has been sold in the past year. The Blog Herald was purchased by BlogMedia (now Problogging, Inc.) from its creator Duncan Riley earlier this year.

The fact that the new Blog Herald owners already own fifteen blogs that start with the word Bloggy makes it very tempting to now call the Blog Herald the Bloggy Herald but so far there has been no name change and there probably won't be one.

Matt Craven blogged about the sale on the Blog Herald on December 3rd. A couple bloggers have departed the Blog Herald including Muhammed Saleem, who announced he will now be blogging at David Krug's 901am blog and focusing more on his personal blog. Martin Neumann is also leaving. Tony Hung has made the decision to say aboard.

Meanwhile, Valleywag bags on the sale and the entire blog industry saying there is "no reason to care about the disposal of the Blog Herald, a small site which covers the blog publishing industry, to the extent that one can call it an industry." In the same post Valleywag also posts erroneous information about recent Blog Herald transactions.

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