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Here you will find our coverage of the world of art, including paintings, sculptures and more.

  • Top Authors and Illustrators Create Special Editions for Charity Auction (2014-11-28): Sotheyby's is hosting an auction to benefit House of Illustration, the UK charity. Top illustrators and authors have created new art and annotations of their classic works.

  • National Portrait Gallery Opens Virginia Woolf Exhibit (2014-07-09): The National Portrait Gallery is showing a new Virginia Woolf exhibition, with paintings, letters and never before seen photographs of the writer and activist.

  • Previously Unseen Manuscript by Dr. Seuss Up for Auction (2010-10-14): A previously unseen handwritten manuscript by Dr.

  • Rings and Bracelets Made From Books (2010-09-02): Jeremy May of Littlefly jewelry makes rings from books.

  • Artist Matej Kren Creates Narrow House From Books (2010-08-12): Artist Matej Kren created a house out of books for a unique installation at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna.

  • Painting of a Younger Shakespeare Discovered (2009-03-09): A painting has been discovered that is thought to be the only contemporary portrait painted of William Shakespeare.

  • Previously Unknown Beatrix Potter Painting to be Sold at Auction (2008-10-30): A previously unknown illustration by Beatrix Potter has been put up for auction by Bonhams of London.

  • Man Tears Hitler's Head Off (2008-07-05): Reuters reports that a man tore the head off a wax figure of Hitler minutes after doors opened to the controversial exhibit.

  • Art-o-Mat Machines Dispense Art (2008-05-30): Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted into machines that dispense art.

  • Art Anxiety is a Crippling Disorder for the Wealthy (2008-03-03): The International Herald Tribune reports on the latest affliction for the wealthy: art anxiety.

  • $164 Million Art Theft Shocks Art World (2008-02-13): Masked gunmen stole four paintings worth $164 million from a Zurich museum, shocking the art world.

  • Van Gogh Masterpiece Set For Auction (2007-09-21): The last painting done by Vincent Van Gogh will go on sale for the first time.

  • Stolen Painting Found in Steven Spielberg's Office (2007-03-03): Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg was horrified to learn that he had a stolen painting in his possession.

  • Another Stolen Nazi Painting is Sold (2006-11-13): A prominent British Communist has sold a painting that was returned to her under Germany's restitution laws.

  • You've Punched a Hole In Your Picasso, Now What? (2006-10-27): By now, you've probably heard about how casino owner Steve Wynn accidentally punched a hole in his $139 million painting by Pablo Picasso, Le Reve (The Dream), 1932.

  • Book Fashion Hits Ukraine (2006-03-17): It's no secret that we love books around here and tend to tote them wherever we go.

  • 30ft Sculpture Symbolizes the Loneliness of Writing (2005-06-23): The BBC reports that a 30-foot-tall sculpture, called The Writer, is currently on display in London's Hampstead Heath.

  • A Book Lover's Dream Home? (2005-06-15): Your eyes aren't deceiving you.

  • The Monster Engine (2005-06-07): The Monster Engine is an interesting website that shows what kids' sketches of monsters and superheroes would look like if they were turned into realistic monster and superhero artwork similar to those those found in graphic novels.

  • Fine Art Trend Hits Books, Films (2004-01-06): Fine Art is appearing in books and books made into films such as Girl With a Pearl Earring and Frida starring Salma Hayek