Artist Matej Kren Creates Narrow House From Books

Posted on August 12, 2010

Matej Kren Scanner Art Installation

Artist Matej Kren created a house out of books for a unique installation at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna. 90,000 books stacked 11 meters high were used to create the building. The installation is called Scanner. Books were chosen because "of their nature as seat of knowledge, as symbols of intrinsically human free thought."

The space inside the stacked books causes distortion. This effect was created by the stacked books, narrow space and carefully placed mirrors. The museum says, "The cramped space inside the building is in fact modified by a series of mirrors causing a sensation of sublime knockdown, of alteration, which leads to an endless disorienting created to destabilize the spatial sense everybody is accustomed to."

You can find out more about the thought provoking exhibit here.

Photos: MAMbo

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