Top Feeds on Feedburner

Posted on March 25, 2007

Frantic Industries has post (no longer available) with the top forty feeds from Feedburner. It isn't a top list of all the top feeds because not all publishers are using Feedburner. And it isn't even a top list of the top Feedburner feeds because not every publisher using Feedburner allows their subscriber figures to be public knowledge. However, it is interesting to see that over 40 publishers have 10,000 subscribers or more and about a dozen publishers have over 50,000 readers. Three feeds had over 200,000 readers including Boing Boing, Tech Crunch and Simply Recipes.

Someone should publish a list of the top English feeds on Feedburner that is similar to the data provided for non-English language feeds in the Italian Feedburner list and the Spanish Feedburner list. also offers similar lists of top feed subscribers using subscription data from Bloglines.

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