Tom Doherty Announces Nightfire Horror Imprint

Posted on April 29, 2019

Tom Doherty Associates has announced a new horror imprint called Nightfire. The imprint will join Tor, Forge, Tor Teen & Starscape at TDA, which is part of Macmillan. TDA President and Publisher Fritz Foy will be the publisher of the imprint.

TDA says staff will be added in editorial, marketing and publicity for Nightfire. It will publish short story collections, novellas, series, standalone works and reprints of lost modern classics. It will cover horror genres from dark fantasy to supernatural.

Foy says in the announcement, "There is a renaissance in progress for all things horror. There is a new generation of horror fans who are setting weekend genre box office records, who are binge streaming episodic TV, subscribing to weekly chat and drama-based podcasts, and purchasing more graphic novels. More importantly, there are new literary voices we want to bring to our reading communities and followers...And also because we just plain love horror."

TDA says the first Nightfire publication is planned for early 2021. The logo is a N-shaped flame.

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