This Old House Brand Acquired From Time by Eric Thorkilsen and TZP

Posted on April 4, 2016

This Old House Ventures has been acquired from Time Inc. by Eric Thorkilsen and TZP Growth Partners, a private equity fund. Thorkilsen was a founding executive of This Old House Ventures, Inc. during his 30-year career at Time Inc.

The new headquarters for This Old House will be located in Stamford, CT starting in summer 2016. The company includes a magazine, television series, books, website and more. The main TV series on PBS has been running since 1979. It started on the Boston PBS station WGBH.

Thorkilsen, the CEO of This Old House Ventures, says in the announcement, "I have been a champion of This Old House for the better part of three decades and it is an honor to be able to rejoin this extraordinary franchise and bring it to a new generation of fans. I could not have made this leap without the support of my partners at TZP, who were steadfast in their resolve that this was a worthy investment."

This Old House magazine will be helmed by editor-in-chief Susan Wyland. The form editor-in-chief, Scott Omelianuk, is leaving the company. Wyland is a publishing industry veteran. The magazine's May 2016 issue is pictured above.

Wyland says, "I am absolutely thrilled to join a team so deeply committed to the creation of content that is both inspirational and aspirational. This Old House has proven itself to be a brand with enormous staying power and I can't imagine a more fulfilling or satisfying role than the one I will start in the coming weeks. I look forward to working with this very talented staff so that This Old House continues to be America's premier destination when it comes to all things home."

The website for the brand is located at thisoldhouse. The company says it gets 5.5 million monthly unique visitors. It features home improment content, videos, discussions and more. The brand also frequently posts new videos on its YouTube chanel.

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