The Meaning of the Blogosphere is 42

Posted on February 25, 2006

Duncan Riley ends his commentary at the Blog Herald with the answer to the meaning of the blogosphere. He says the answer is 42 which will make perfect sense to anyone who read the Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. 42 is the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything that the Deep Thought computer came up with after thinking about it for 7.5 million years.

The blogosphere is no longer the domain of geeks and political junkies, in its totality it's richness and diversity reflect all of humankind.

I'm often asked to explain what blogging is, what's it all about, why do it, what does it all mean. Given that many would argue that we are alone in the Universe, then I provide this answer. The meaning of the blogosphere is indeed 42.

There is no other answer, and there never will be, because there is no other way to describe all that is life, as there is no other way to describe the blogosphere.

Duncan Riley is leaving the Blog Herald after selling it to new owners but he will continue blogging at and b5media. He also has redesigned his Weblog Empire website as a blog link exchange forum.

Update: 2-26-06: The Blog Herald was sold to Blog Media, Inc.

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