Study Finds 39% of Bloggers Admit to Blogging Harmful Comments

Posted on May 24, 2007

The BBC reports that a new study commissioned by Croner, a UK human resources firm, found that 39% out of 2,000 admitted to making "harmful comments" in their blog.

More than a third of UK bloggers risk the sack by posting derogatory or damaging details about their workplace, boss or colleagues, a survey claims.

Human resources company Croner, which commissioned the study, warned that such bloggers could be sacked from their job for gross misconduct.

Croner surveyed 2,000 people who keep a personal internet blog or diary and 39% said that they made harmful comments.

Bloggers should consider the potential impact of all postings, Croner said.

A company named YouGov ran the study for Croner. The article doesn't elaborate on what kind of content qualifies as "harmful comments." Past surveys by Croner have focused on other employee habits that employers might not like such as this survey which discovered that 1 in 3 employee exaggerate an illness to get more time of work.

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