Stephen King Talks Doctor Sleep With George Stephanopoulos

Posted on October 11, 2013

Stephen King talked to George Stephanopoulos about his new book, Doctor Sleep, which is a sequel to The Shining. King says he wrote the book because he never forgot about his character, Danny Torrance, who is a grown man in Doctor Sleep. King says he has no interest in finding about what many of his other characters, such as Paul Sheldon from Misery, are up to. King also says people sometimes ask him at book signings what happened to the boy.

King also discussed the difference between his novel and the film directed by Stanley Kubrick. He says a lot of people really loved the movie. He says that one of the reasons the book and film are not the same is a difference in temperament. King says, "He was cold and I was warm."

King also explained how you need good characters that people care about in order to scare people. He says, "You can't scare people unless they care about the characters. If the characters are just cardboard cutouts it's not working, but if they do then you can scare the hell out of them. "

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