Sploid Gone Forever

Posted on August 16, 2006

Goodbye Sploid

Gawker Media's Sploid posted a link-filled goodbye post today claiming they are going the way of "YouTube, Lebanon, Joe Lieberman, newspaper circulation and airline travel." The post was written by Sploid editor Ken Layne. Gawker publisher Nick Denton announced that he was putting the site on the block last month. According to the goodbye post no buyer has yet been found.

Suddenly bored of the whole operation, the editors demanded that Gawker sell the site to the lowest bidder. Various suitors came a-courtin' -- including one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world (not the one that bought MySpace) -- and at one point the entire staff had been "hired" by a giant corporation while lawyers "worked out the details," "dotted the i's" and ran or knocked various things up flagpoles and around ballparks.

Needless to say, they pussed out at the last minute.

Thank you for reading Sploid, sending tips, blogging about us, and linking our stories on Fark or Metafilter or Digg or wherever. And thanks to Gawker, the archives will remain here for your enjoyment until somebody really buys the site just to get all this trash off the Google search results.

That's too bad Sploid is leaving. It was a great blog.

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