Spiderwick Authors Happy With Film Version

Posted on February 13, 2008

Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, the authors of The Spiderwick Chronicles, are quite happy with how the film version of the books turned out.

Black told SciFi Wire in an interview, "I do think that they really captured the spirit. They really got the family dynamics. They really got the character dynamics. When Jared comes on screen, and he hits the front of the car with a stick, it just gave me chills. I was like, 'That's Jared. That's my boy.'"

Black and DiTerlizzi were consulted during the filming and received executive-producer credits. It is great when the cast and crew consults when the writers. This happened without the authors overtly requesting to be consulting.

DiTerlizzi told the Wire, "I think we made it clear that we [made] the books; we [weren't] going to tell [the producers] how to make a movie. That mindset--and it probably stems from us having such a collaborative give-and-take relationship--I think that allowed us to be able to swim amongst a highly collaborative project."

The Spiderwick Chronicles opens tomorrow in wide release. It is directed by Mark Waters. It's rated PG because some of the scenes with the creatures would be pretty terrifying to young children. Parents: you've been warned.

Here's the trailer.

Image: Paramount Pictures

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