Spider-Man 3 Official Blog Debuts

Posted on July 21, 2006

The Spider-Man 3 official blog has debuted with a post about another Marvel film: Ghost Rider.

Sony Pictures proudly presents a pair of Marvels: The classic Marvel comic Ghost Rider comes to the big screen with Academy Award-winning Nicolas Cage playing Johnny Blaze. Appearing in person to answer your questions and show some previews will be the film's stars Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes and director Mark Steven Johnson. Oh, and did we mention Spidey 3? Come find out why we don't have to say anything else... besides Sam Raimi! Hall H
The first post already has hundreds of comments. The blog has started just in time for the Comic-Con in San Diego. The Comic-Con site has three feeds on the bottom of the homepage if you want to keep up-to-date using a news reader. If you missed the blog for the last Spider-Man film you can read a production diary for film 2 here. You'll need to click on the Daily Bugle link.

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