Spam Books Clogging's Kindle Store

Posted on June 17, 2011

Reuters reports that spam books are clogging Amazon's Kingle bookstore. is going to have to find a way to filter out spam books from its index. The online retailer's Kindle store is being swamped with unworthy titles, which are submitted through its self-publishing system. Many of the spam titles are sold for just 99 cents.

In the most problematic cases, authors are finding their original work copied and published under another name. Reuters also says DVDs, called Autopilot Kingle Cash, are also available that teach people how to create 10 to 20 spam books daily without writing a single word. The Atlantic has more details about these annoying spam kits here.

Reuters says ebook spam has yet to kit the Barnes & Noble's Nook store, but it probably isn't far off.

There are also lots of computer generated titles being published. A company named BiblioBazaar cranked out over 270,000 titles in 2009.

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