Social Media News Page: 3

This is page 3 of the social media news archives.

Google Joins Facebook Owned Instagram (2014-05-19): Google has joined Instagram. The first entry shows the Rubki's cube game they posted today.

Twitter Acquires Gnip, a Social Data Provider (2014-04-15): Twitter has acquired Gnip, a provider of social data.

Twitter Adds Emoji Support to Web Version (2014-04-02): Twitter has added emoji support to its web version. There are now little graphics instead of empty boxes.

LinkedIn Adds Cats You May Know Feature (2014-04-01): LinkedIn has added a new feature called Cats You May Know for April Fool's Day

Instagram Announces 200 Million User Milestone (2014-03-26): Instagram announced today it has reached the 200 million user milestone. They also have exceeded 20 billion photos shared so far.

Ellen's Oscar Celebrity Selfie Becomes Most Retweeted Tweet (2014-03-03): Ellen Degeners' Oscar celebrity selfie has become the most retweeted tweet of all time.

Facebook Ends Its Facebook Email Service (2014-02-25): Facebook has decided to end its Facebook email service. Facebook says most people were not using it.

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp for Its Huge User Base (2014-02-21): Facebook is acquiriing WhatsApp which has 450 million users. Most of the users are outside the U.S.

Facebook Now Lets Publishers Embed Public Posts (2013-08-21): Facebook is now letting publishers embed public posts onto its blogs and websites.

LinkedIn Launches University Pages (2013-08-19): LinkedIn has launched University Pgaes. It also plans to lower the minimum age required to make a page to 14 on September 12.

Facebook Shares Briefly Climb Back Above May 2012 IPO Price (2013-07-31): Facebook's stock briefly climbed above its IPO price of $38 earlier today.

Instagram Adds Video Sharing Feature (2013-06-20): Instagram has added a video sharing feature. The new tech will help Instagram compete with Twitter and YouTube.

New Myspace Rolls Out of Beta, Launches Mobile Music App (2013-06-13): Myspace has relaunched its social network as a music discovery site online radio stations and a mobile music app.

Mark Zuckerberg Calls PRISM Reports Outrageous (2013-06-07): Mark Zuckerberg has called PRISM outrageous in a new post on his Facebook page.

Twitter Launches Two-Step Account Verification (2013-05-22): Twitter has launched two-step verification for Twitter accounts. The two-factor authentication sends a six-digit code to the user's mobile phone.

Stocks Plunge Briefly Following Fake Tweet From Hacked AP Twitter Account (2013-04-23): Stocks plunged briefly and then recovered after a fake tweet from the AP Tiwtter account said there was an attack at the White House.

Twitter Announces Launch of Twttr, a Vowel Free Twitter (2013-04-01): Twitter has announced the launch of a Twttr, a vowel-free version of Twitter and plans to start charging for the regular (now premium) Twitter.

Library of Congress Has Archive of 170 Billion Tweets (2013-01-04): The Library of Congress announced it has an archive of 170 billion tweets that goes back to 2006.

Social Network Photo War Begins Just Before the Holidays (2012-12-08): Photographs have always been important for social websites.

Zuckerberg Talks Morale, Gray Shirts and One Billion User Milestone With Matt Lauer (2012-10-04): Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat down (and walked around) for an interview with Matt Lauer.