SNL Skit: Republican Presidential Candidates at the Local Marriot Hotel

Posted on October 16, 2011

Saturday Night Live took aim at the endless series of Republican presidential debates. The latest debate was held in a local Marriot Hotel and broadcast on the hotel's channel. Herman Cain (Kenan Thompson), Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis), Rick Perrry (Bill Hader), Michele Bachmann (Kristen Wiig) and Newt Gingrich (Bobby Moynihan), Ron Paul and Rick Santorum (Andy Samberg) all participated. The seating was determined by popularity -- that left an unhappy Santorum in a gay bar in the Castro, and Michele and Newt in the janitor's closet, while Herman Cain sat at the center of the table. Herman said he never thought he would be taken seriously with his 9-9-9 plan. But, since it worked, he introduced his 3-3-3 plan for healthcare: if you get sick you get three pills, three days off and three chicken noodle soups. Meanwhile Ron Paul -- who was banished to the basement garage -- manages to outwit and dispatch armed kidnappers with no problem at all. Take a look:

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