Scribner to Release F. Scott Fitzgerald's Unpublished Short Stories

Posted on September 9, 2016

Scribner will publish a never before seen collection of short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald in spring of 2017. The collection will be called I'd Die For You And Other Lost Stories. It is being edited by Anne Margaret Daniel. Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, the author of such classic novels as The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night, wrote a number of short stories during the 1930s which did not make his editors happy. The stories were controversial and outspoken and didn't fit in with a 1930s publishing mindset.

A few of the stories were submitted to major magazines and were actually accepted, but never made it to print. Others he refused to censor or change the subject matter, so they never got accepted or published. Fitzgerald really needed the money at the time, but he still refused to compromise or sanitize his work for publication. Scribner won't give details of the stories, but they certainly sound intriguing.

Fitzgerald died of a heart attack at the young age of 44. He never knew that he became one of America's great literary icons whose work has been read by millions, been made into films and is taught in literature classes. In fact, he considered himself a colossal failure and turned to alcohol to cope with the mental illness of his wife Zelda and his stalled career.

Although every once in a while someone turns up another lost gem from Fitzgerald, this collection is being touted as the last of the unknown stories. We are quite looking forward to seeing the collection. Fitzgerald fans should take a look at the Princeton University Digital Library's amazing Fitzgerald Collection which has both Scott and Zelda's personal scrapbooks, manuscripts and other treasures online for viewing.

The new short story collection is already available for pre-order of

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