Scribner to Publish Prologue of Robert Jordan Novel in eBook Format

Posted on September 6, 2000

Cover of Snow The Prologue to Winter's Heart Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, has announced that on September 13 it will electronically publish Snow The Prologue to Winter's Heart, Book Nine in The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan in ebook format. Robert Jordan is the author of eight New York Times bestselling books of fantasy. Snow will be available in multiple eBook platforms and the price will be $5.00 per download. Ordering information can be found on Simon & Schuster's eBook website.

Susan Moldow, VP and Publisher of Scribner, acquired the electronic rights to Snow from Jordan's literary agent Nat Sobel of Sobel Weber Associates, Inc. ``When I heard Nat Sobel's plan to offer the 'Prologue' to Robert Jordan's Winter's Heart -- with its ardent fan base of net-savvy readers -- I knew we'd come upon a unique epublishing opportunity. It's thrilling to be able to explore the possibilities of this type of early excerpt publication,'' Moldow said.

This is the first time an author has made a portion of his next book available through an ebook publisher who is also a book publisher but is not attached to his traditional publisher, according to Moldow. The hardcover verson of Winter's Heart will be published by Tor Books in November. Snow, which runs roughly 20,000 words, sets the stage for the next installment in The Wheel of Time and is itself preceded by a message from the author which will be available only in the electronic version.

``We are pleased to be following the electronic path already charted by Simon & Schuster and Stephen King in making available to fans and new readers this prologue to Robert Jordan's next novel. Readers will be entering the world of The Wheel of Time in a manner that even Mr. Jordan could not have imagined as he began writing these books,'' said Nat Sobel, Robert Jordan's literary agent.

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