Scholastic Acquires Inbali Iserles' I Am Fox Series

Posted on October 16, 2013

Scholastic has announced the acquisition of a middle grade fantasy series called I Am Fox. The author of the series is award-winning UK-based author Inbali Iserles. Iserles wrote the bestselling Survivors series under the pseudonym Erin Hunter. Scholastic will begin publishing the three book series in 2015.

The trilogy, for readers eight and up, follows Isla, a young fox whose world is shattered when her family suddenly vanishes. Isla's search for her family leads her to the Elders, a society of shape-shifting foxes, and to her own legacy as one of the world's most tormented creatures. The cold touch of humanity - known as the furless - is everywhere, with traps, dogs, and poisoned meats posing constant threats. Isla must use with her foxcraft to survive. Foxcraft is skills of cunning known only to foxes.

Inbali said in a statement, "I am thrilled that the team at Scholastic will be publishing the 'I Am Fox' trilogy. I was very impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment and I feel sure they will provide a welcome environment for my bright-eyed fox friends."

Inbali is also the author of The Tygrine Cat, which tells the tale of a cat with ancient powers.

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