Samuel L. Jackson Say Blogosphere Again T-shirts

Posted on January 11, 2007

Say Blogosphere AgainA t-shirt being sold at features Samuel L. Jackson pointing a gun and the words "Say Blogosphere Again." The shirt features dark writing on a brown shirt which makes it a little hard to read. The t-shirt implies that Samuel L. Jackson will shoot you if you dare say the word "blogosphere" again. There are some bloggers who truly dislike the word. Boing Boing says it was fun for a couple months.
If you're tired of hearing the word "blogosphere" (which was kind of fun for a month or two in 2001) then this is the t-shirt for you: Samuel L Jackson in his Pulp Fiction persona, pointing a gun at the world and saying, "Say blogosphere again!"
The t-shirt is currently sold out but appears to be in the process of getting more of them. We like the shirt but we also still like using word blogosphere now and then. Please don't shoot.

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