Robb Report Launches Health & Wellness Quarterly

Posted on April 28, 2014

Cover of Robb Report Health & Wellness

Robb Report has launched a quarterly Robb Report Health & Wellness. Chef Wolfgang Puck covers the April 2014 launch issue. Robb Report first announced the new quarterly in January. The print publication also has a companion website here.

Robb Report says the publication will explore the science and policy issues that affect health. It will also offer readers "expert guidance in making discriminating choices with respect to fitness, nutrition, mental and cognitive health, travel, and wellness retreats."

Janice O'Leary is the editor of Robb Report Health & Wellness. She was previously editor-in-chief of Boston Common magazine. She mentions readers of the luxury publication who may be patients that can afford to pay out-of-pocket for cutting edge procedures.

O'Leary says in a online statement, "Development of new technologies - such as 3-D organ scans or breath analysis to detect disease - comes at a high initial cost. Yet access to premium medical care remains limited, and health-care reform will increase demands on hospital resources, affecting delivery of care. In this new landscape, patients who can pay out-of-pocket for pioneering procedures and elective diagnostics will become increasingly important to the industry, as these patients underwrite advances that will eventually become available at more affordable rates to all members of the community."

She adds, "Living well and maintaining peak levels of performance takes time and knowledge gleaned from trusted sources. The editors of Robb Report Health & Wellness believe there has never been a better time to be proactive about our health-care decisions and become a connoisseur of health."

Photo: Robb Report

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