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Here is the collection of freelance writing resource links.

35 Tips for Freelance Writers
An article with advice to help freelancers earn more from Dawn Van Ness at Lifehack

Editorial Freelancers Association
The Editorial Freelancers Association is a national, nonprofit, professional organization of self-employed workers in the publishing and communications industries.

EfA Editorial Rates Guides
A list of estimate rates and fee rangers from the Editorial Freelancers Association

Freelance Writing Articles
A growing list of helpful freelance writing articles from Writers Write and around the web.

Freelance Writing Basics
Information about the basics involved with becoming a freelance writer from The Balance Small Business

Freelance Writing Jobs
A collection of freelance writing job resources.

Newsgroup: alt.journalism.freelance
Newsgroup for the discussion of freelance writing.

A subreddit covering freelance writing. It has over 16,000 subscribers.

Submissions Guidelines Directory
Searchable database of both paying markets for freelance writers.