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There are many sites providing opportunities for freelance writers. Freelancers should always be aware of potential scams that could waste their time and money. You find a list of potential freelance writing job scams and red flags at Scam Detector and Elna Cain.

Here is a collection of sites that provide freelance writing job listings. Some of the links are pre-configured to people up freelance writing jobs.

The Write Jobs: Freelance - the latest freelance writing opportunities from The Write Jobs, a Writers Write, Inc. site.

All Freelance Writing - The AFW job board frequently posts freelance writing jobs with pay ranges.

BloggingPro - The BloggingPro job board includes some freelance writing job opportunities.

CareerBuilder - CareerBuilder is a general national job site. The job listings include some freelance opportunities.

FreelanceWriting - The FreelanceWriting site posts new freelance writing jobs daily.

Freelance Writing Jobs - FWJ posts new freelance writing jobs daily.

Google - Google will pull up freelance writer jobs from its jobs database with a "freelance writer +jobs" search.

Indeed - Indeed is a general job site that frequently adds new freelance writer jobs.

JobisJob - JobisJob is a job search engine with listings for all fields, including freelance writers.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn usually has a few hundred jobs tagged as freelance positions. You will likely have to be logged in to LinkedIn to see them.

Neuvoo - Neuvoo is a general interest job search site that includes freelance writer jobs.

ProBlogger Jobs - The ProBlogger job board includes freelance positions - The large Monster jobs site also posts freelance writing positions.

SimplyHired - SimplyHired is another general job site. The job listings include freelance opportunities.

WritersWeekly - WritersWeekly provides a weekly roundup of freelance writing, editing and photography jobs.

ZipRecruiter - This general interest job search engine includes many freelance writing job listings.