Ponder Bills Itself as an Anti-Social Network

Posted on April 15, 2016

A new photo and video sharing app called Ponder is billing itself as an anti-social network. Ponder says whether or not your photo will be seen doesn't matter how many followers you have. Ponder also says it lets the user decide what is trending based on the quality of their photos and videos.

Users can swipe up to "push" a photo or video and swipe down to "pass" on it. Users will be shown content based on what they have "pushed." Ponder says it will not track followers counts. The app currently does not allow comments.

The app was co-founded by William LeGate, 21, and Tyler Mateen, 23. LeGate is a Thielf fellow and self-taught programmer. Mateen is an original Tinder executive. Ponder has received backing from Mark Cuban, Sean Rad, Justin Mateen and Greylock Partners

Pounder co-founder and CEO William LeGate says in a statement, "The key differentiator is that posts are designed to spread beyond your network of friends and followers. We show you a user-curated feed of photos and videos that have been pushed by your friends and others with similar tastes. We are democratizing the discovery and distribution of your photos and videos, so instead of it being a popularity contest, it's a place where the best content spreads."

Tyler Mateen, the co-founder and CMO, adds, "On Ponder, you could have 50 followers and regularly get more than 50 pushes on your posts-something that's not currently possible on other apps. We are leveling the playing field for every single person to have their content be seen by a larger audience. It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or an influencer, you have the same opportunity as everyone else to have your content be discovered."

Ponder currently offers an iPhone app. They have not yet launched an Android version. Ponder reportedly has a small seven-person team.

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