Perez Hilton Sued For Posting Topless Jennifer Aniston Photograph

Posted on February 22, 2007

Mario Lavandeira, the blogger better known as Perez Hilton (, is being sued by a Hollywood movie studio for posting a stolen topless photograph of Jennifer Aniston on his blog. AP says the studio is alleging that the photograph was "misappropriated and illegally copied" during the production of The Break-Up. Perez Hilton did not comment on the AP story. The AP says the lawsuit alleges Lavandeira "posted all or parts of the stolen footage from the motion picture on his Web site."

Perez Hilton has amazing traffic. Perez claims he hit a record 4.75 million unique visitors earlier this week. He writes, "According to our Sitemeter statistics, we had 5.38 million page views and 4.75 million unique visitors on on Monday."

Hilton adds that the site garnered this heavy traffic level despite the fact that it was a holiday with many people out of the office.

But the blogger with the immensely popular celebrity gossip blog is facing mounting legal problems. The popular celebrity blogger is also being sued by the paparazzi photo agencies who claim Perez Hilton is violating copyright laws by posting their photographs on his blog.

Image: Perez Hilton

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