Pay Per Post Calls Itself a Rockstar Startup

Posted on February 1, 2007

Pay Per Post has ramped up the cheese factor with an online reality tv show called RockStartup. The website features videos of the Pay Per Post startup in action as well as video profiles for all of the "rockstars" (Pay Per Post employees). There is also one for chief Rockstar Ted Murphy who gives a Strange Brew shoutout in his video bio. Pay Per Post even has a monster truck called The Blue Monster. That's the Blue Monster pictured above.

The Internet is great. Even if you are not a rockstar startup you can just launch a website with videos and pretend you are one. In one of the video clips the Pay Per Post (PPP) team hires promo girls to help them acquire PPP signups at bars near Florida State University. The next day they also tailgate an FSU football game with the same promo girls to hand out free stuff and money to people that sign up for Pay Per Post. It's very cheesy stuff but sometimes cheese works. In this particular case it ended up being too expensive and PPP spent more money than they wanted to and came up short on subscribers. Valleywag calls the RockStartup site a startup's awful reality and Jason Calacanis says "these videos are going to go down in history as the tipping point in the Web 2.0 bubble."

On the other hand, Between the Lines says "the blogosphere is going to have to get used to these guys." A detailed article from ClickZ about companies like Pay Per Post, Creamaid and ReviewMe that pay bloggers to write reviews says HP is one of the companies planning to pay Posties (bloggers that use PPP) to write reviews about digital cameras.

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