Parenting Blog Dominates Google News Blogging Results

Posted on October 13, 2005

Blogging Baby, a pregnancy, baby care and parenting blog owned by AOL's Weblogs, Inc., is really generating a lot of results on Google News. We recently ran a Google News search for the keyword "blogging" and counted a whopping 16 articles from Blogging Baby in the first 30 results.

Blogging Baby is a good blog but there is no news about blogging in articles about the toy industry or articles about a maternity belly bed. The are a few Blogging Baby results in a Yahoo News search for "blogging" as well but not nearly as many as Google.

Google News is just not doing a very good job of sorting out the blogging news from the baby news. Note: If you subtract the baby on Google News and use "blogging -baby" you get better results.

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