Pamela Anderson Novel Features Character Similar to Herself

Posted on August 3, 2004

You've watched her on Baywatch and VIP. And perhaps even seen her starring in a home movie. But did you know that she's always wanted to be a writer? Yes, Pamela Anderson's new novel, Star, just hit bookstores and features a character similar to herself.

Anderson told the Boston Herald, "I thought about an autobiography, but everyone was doing that, plus I'd rather write fiction. So someone suggested a roman a clef and I was like, who is that?"

Pam, who is working with ghostwriter Eric Shaw Quinn, also told the Herald she "loves writing" and plans another book with her character, Star.

"[My sons] go to school and camp, so I just wrote before they got home and spent the rest of the day with them," she said. "I feel very fortunate to have this schedule."

But how does she counteract the effect a sedentary writing lifestyle could have on that famous bod? Lots of weights, cardio -- and she keeps a Thighmaster in every room of her house. Well, of course -- doesn't everyone?

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