Nora Roberts Reviews Stephen King

Posted on September 15, 2006

Lisey's Story
Internationally bestselling romance author Nora Roberts (who also writes a futuristic detective series under the pseudonym J.D. Robb) reviewed Stephen King's upcoming romantic thriller, Lisey's Story (Scribner). Nora is listed as a guest reviweer on the Amazon listing for Lisey's Story. She says in her review that she began reading Stephen King's work with The Shining.
Stephen King hooked me about three decades ago with that sharply faceted, blood-stained jewel, The Shining. Through the years he's bumped my gooses with kiddie vampires, tingled my spine with beloved pets gone rabid, justified my personal fear of clowns and made me think twice about my cell phone. I've always considered The Stand--a long-time favorite--a towering tour de force, and have owed its author a debt as this was the first novel I could convince my older son to read from cover to cover. But with Lisey's Story, King has accomplished one more feat. He broke my heart.

Lisey's Story is, at its core, a love story--heart-wrenching, passionate, terrifying and tender. It is the multi-layered and expertly crafted tale of a twenty-five year marriage, and a widow's journey through grief, through discovery and--this is King, after all--through a nightmare scape of the ordinary and extraordinary. Through Lisey's mind and heart, the reader is pulled into the intimacies of her marriage to bestselling novelist Scott Landon, and through her we come to know this complicated, troubled and heroic man.


Lisey's Story is bright and brilliant. It's dark and desperate. While I'll always consider The Shining, my first ride on King's wild Tilt-A-Whirl, a gorgeous, bloody jewel, I found, on this latest ride, a treasure box heaped with dazzling gems.

A few of them have sharp, hungry teeth.

Some of King's books certainly do have sharp teeth. You can read the full review on Lisey's Story hits bookstores on October 24, 2006.

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