New Netscape Could Cause Traffic Tsunamis

Posted on June 15, 2006

Netscape's new future will be as a Digg-like memedigger. TechCrunch says blogs or sites featured on the new Netscape could be crushed by a traffic tsunami.

Putting this kind of audience in front of a Digg like service could spell trouble for many sites that ultimately make it to the top of the site. A Digg or Slashdot story can send tens of thousands of visitors to a site in a matter of minutes or hours. With Netscape, this effect could be many times larger - possibly resulting in outages at sites headlining the new service.
The Netscape memedigger covers a broad array of categories unlike Digg, which so far only focuses on tech news. However, we know Digg is about to change that. Netscape even has a Do No Evil channel. The Netscape news is a hot topic in the tech blogosphere today. Some bloggers are calling the Netscape beta a Digg clone.

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