NBCUniversal Shutters Daily Candy

Posted on April 5, 2014

NBCUniversal has shuttered the Daily Candy shopping news site. Re/code reports that the 64 employees working at the site were let go. Comcast acquired the newsletter focused company in 2008 for around $125 million. Re/code says Alison Moore was brought in from HBO to try and boost traffic to the site, but the site's user base of six million apparently wasn't high enough to please execs at NBCU.

The Daily Candy site posted a farewell to its readers called "The Short Goodbye." Here is an excerpt:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we write today to say goodbye. After fourteen years delivering you the best in food, fashion, and fun, this train, as they say, is pulling into the station.

Rest assured that every single day that we have published DailyCandy, we have done so with delight.

Our mission was always to charm and inform you, whether telling you about an innovative new restaurant in Brooklyn, a trendy boutique in Chicago's Gold Coast, or a groundbreaking San Fran band. Through the years, nothing made us happier than helping an emerging designer from West Hollywood find her audience or hearing that after we featured an attorney from Philly she quit her job to make brownies full-time.

But all good things must come to an end. And this, friends, is ours. On April 4, we will close our doors.

It's been the ride of our lives, and we have loved sharing it with you.

More details about the why NBCU ended up closing the site can be found here on the Daily Intelligencer.

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