National Enquirer Online Gets New Face

Posted on January 30, 1998

In the spirit of celebrity makeovers, The National Enquirer Online has performed a few nips and tucks on its Web site. Features on the redesigned site include new interactive "Speakout Forums", a NEO store, "Editors' Favorites", enhanced "Readers' Stories" contests, an extensive link to Books Now and an electronic Enquirer Online archives.

The most noticeable adjustment to National Enquirer Online is the addition of new interactive "Speakout Forums," where readers can join discussion groups for the hot celebrity news and gossip. "Speakout Forums" cover a wide range of topics including "Celebrities & Gossip", "Everyone's A Critic", "I Predict", "Hot Stories" and "Big in the News".

Several online readers have already benefited from the interactive process by submitting personal stories of triumph and tragedy (for the "Readers' Stories of the Week," each one earning $300). Submissions for the winning Valentine's Day-themed "Readers' Stories" are still being accepted, detailing everything from "True Romance: I Knew It Was Love When ..." to "My Worst Date: The Date from Hell (deadline: February 5)."

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