Meredith Launches Parents Latina Magazine

Posted on May 26, 2015

Meredith Corporation launched a new print magazine last month called Parents Latina. Meredith says U.S. Hispanic millennial moms is one of the fastest growing consumer segments. The quarterly magazine debuts with a guaranteed rate base of 700,000. The editor of the magazine is Grace Bastidas.

Dana Points, Content Director, Meredith Parents Network, says in a statement, "Millennials expect customization, and Parents Latina allows us to deliver culturally relevant content in English to an important segment of highly engaged Hispanic millennials. Research shows that U.S. Hispanics are consuming more media content in English, reflecting growing acculturation. Yet in our pre-launch research, 80 percent of potential readers felt there wasn't a magazine that currently spoke to the English-dominant Latina mom, and 90 percent found the concept of Parents Latina very appealing."

Some of the topics covered in the new publication will include kid's health, women's health, nutrition, beauty, home, cooking, finance and budget planning. Some of the topics featured on the cover include raising an eager reader, how much to feed your child? and spring cleaning tricks. A mother is reading a whale picture book to her child on the cover.

The magazine launched with a number of large advertisers include L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson. It is part of the Meredith Parents Network, which also includes Parents, FamilyFun, American Baby and Ser Padres.

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