Magic Tree House Books Being Turned into Feature Films

Posted on February 4, 2016

Lionsgate announced that it has purchased the rights to Mary Pop Osborne's Magic Treehouse books. Lionsgate is developing the books into multiple live action films. As part of the deal Ms. Osborne and her husband will keep an eye on the adaptions as executive producer.

The Magic Tree House books have sold more than 130 million copies worldwide. To date there are 54 volumes in the chapter book series which is aimed at children from 8-12 years of age.

The books follow the adventures of siblings Jack and Annie who live in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. One day they find a magic tree house which is full of all kinds of books. They are able to go on adventures through time and space, where they also learn about history and culture.

The first film already has a script written by Will Osborne and Jenny Laird. The first film is based on the 29th book in the series, Christmas in Camelot. In the movie the kids have outgrown the tree house and moved on. But when they find the treehouse again, they end up in Camelot to save the day. The children in the books are much younger. By aging up the protagonists Lionsgate is clearly banking on drawing in the young adult audience. No casting details have been announced.

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