Magazine for Snowshoers Launches

Posted on October 8, 2004

Snowshoe Magazine recently launched its website and revealed plans for a print magazine in the future. Snowshoe Magazine is endorsed by the United States Snowshoe Association. It's a wholly owned and operated product of Alford Publishing, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado. Alford Publishing, Inc., and Snowshoe Magazine are created and maintained by Ryan Alford and Graphic Designer/Web Developer, Curt Barnickel.

"Snowshoers and potential snowshoers want the latest information on gear, events and where to go. We'll provide all this and more for people throughout the world and at the same time we're giving a new voice to the industry," said Publisher Ryan Alford. "There's nothing about snowshoeing that's so wide-ranging in print or on the Web. We want to help this sport grow."

Alford anticipates a print version within three years. He's targeting three kinds of readers -- racers/ competitors, backcountry enthusiasts/casual hikers, and beginners/first-timers -- with original content on destinations, equipment, health/fitness, races and tours, and environmental protection. Tom Sobal, a decorated athlete and snowshoeing guru, will provide a monthly column that aims to provide snowshoers with tips on how to better their experience.

Born into existence more than 6,000 years ago, snowshoes were used as a means of transportation. Once constructed with wood and cowhide, snowshoes provided a way to "float" on deep snow and allowed an easier method of traversing across frozen terrain. Modern-day snowshoeing is far different. Now constructed with aluminum and other tough outdoor materials, people find snowshoeing to be a great way to stay healthy during the winter months. Through the sport's popularity in northern United States, Alaska and other worldwide destinations, competitions have sprung up to cater to runners and fitness enthusiasts. Snowshoeing is also on the verge of becoming an Olympic sport.

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