Literary Agents Put Out an Open Call for Submissions From Muslim Writers

Posted on February 1, 2017

A group of literary agents has put out an open call for submissions from Muslim writers. The agents write in the open call, "We all agree that the current political climate demands a need for a greater presence of authors of Muslim heritage in the book marketplace. We are taking action to help make that happen."

In the open call the agents note that, "Literary agents are in a unique position to help contribute to bringing more empathy, compassion, understanding and tolerance into this world through books. We seek out unheard voices so that others can hear them." The open call was prompted by the controversial travel ban on refugees and immigrants from six Muslim countries.

Submissions span all genres from young adult to adult fiction, to nonfiction, literary fiction and many others. Submissions should be made directly to each agent, according to the submission guidelines laid out on their individual websites.

The open call was organized by kid lit agent Clelia Gore, who works for Martin Literary Management in Chicago. Clelia has been watching the number of literary agents joining the open submission call grow as the word gets out. Today she tweeted, "Wow. There are now 60 agents taking part in the Open Call for submissions from Muslim writers. Hopeful about where this leads."

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