Lemony Snicket to Launch Four Book Series in October

Posted on February 27, 2012

Lemony Snicket Who Could That Be at This Hour

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers announced that a new four book series from children's author Lemony Snicket will launch in October. The new series, All the Wrong Questions, is described as an autobiographical account of Lemony's childhood. It will illustrated by artist Seth. The first book in the series, Who Could That Be at This Hour?, debuts on October 23, 2012 with a one million copy print run.

Lemony drew on events that took place during a period of his youth spent in a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted, to write this new series. However, Snicket is not sure his new series will be interesting enough for readers. Lemony said in a statement, "these books are questionable and contain questions. I, for one, question why anyone would be interested in reading them."

Snicket and Little, Brown have also launched the mysterious LSATWQ.com website, which offers clues about the new series.

Photo: Little, Brown

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