Larry Block Hits the Streets

Posted on August 1, 2005

In addition to traveling to the furthest ends of the globe at the drop of a hat, mystery author Lawrence Block is also fond of issuing somewhat startling pronouncements to his fans. Larry says he's recently taken up racewalking again, with a vengeance. He writes in his latest newsletter that he actually followed through on his threat to readers to participate in a mind-boggling 24-hour race event.

"Last week I told you I'd be racewalking in a 24-hour event in Wakefield, Massachusetts, with the intention of completing a marathon, the hope of extending it to 50 kilometers, and the wistful dream of making it all the way to the 50-mile mark. Well, I'm home, and hobbling some, but it's my great pleasure to report that I logged a little over 100 kilometers-63.2 miles, to be precise-and still have a pulse. Pretty much everything hurts, but so what. I have never had a greater feeling of accomplishment, and I have to say it feels pretty good."
So much for the cliche of the out of shape writer who spends all day huddled in front of his computer, emerging from his cocoon only for a shot of whiskey and a cigarette. Or, if you're quite a bit younger, let's make that a pizza/Red Bull/Blackberry break.

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