Lady Gaga Compares Songwriting Process to Vomiting

Posted on April 23, 2011

Singer-songwriter Lady Gaga has compared songwriting to vomiting. In her videos series, Gagavision no. 43, Lady Gaga compares the creative process of writing lyrics to 15 minutes of vomiting.

Lady Gaga says, "The creative process is approximately a 15 minute vomiting. 15 minutes of vomiting my creative ideas in the forms of melodies (usually) or chord progressions and melodies. And some sort of a theme lyric idea and it all happens in approximately of 15 minutes of this giant regurgitation of my thoughts and feelings and then I spend days, weeks, months, years fine tuning."

Lady Gaga also says, "But the idea is that you honor your vomit. You have to honor your vomit. You have to honor those 15 minutes."

Lady Gaga is also unhappy with her latest single, "Judas," bring released in pieces online. They do tend to do this more and more frequently nowadays with pop songs. They release teasers of 30-seconds or less, which doesn't help people get a feel for the song. Lady Gaga said, "It's like they were tearing it limb from limb. First it's like the arm of the song, and then the liver."

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