Katherine Heigl and Janet Evanovich Talk New Stephanie Plum Movie

Posted on November 28, 2011

Katherine Heigl and Janet Evanovich talked to USA Today about the new Stephanie Plum movie One for the Money. Janet says she's seen the movie and that she is just so happy with Katherine's performance: "Every time I write Stephanie Plum, it's going to be Katherine Heigl's face there. She totally nailed it."

Katherine was very nervous to play such a popular fictional character, and was thrilled that Janet approved of her performance. Janet told USA Today's Bryan Alexander that she put off seeing the film for fear she would hate it. Finally she saw it and couldn't believe how much she loved it. That was a relief to the producers, to say the least. Janet had sold the rights to the first book and didn't have script or actress approval. But in this case it all worked out for the best.

Katherine said she read the first book after she got a script, then kept on reading: "Two months later, someone was able to get me to come out of the bedroom after I had gone through 10 books...[They are] so addicting."

The two have became good friends. Katherine told the newspaper that Janet sends her very funny emails, but she can't share them because they are so inappropriate.

Here's a video interview with Katherine Heigl discussing playing Plum with Tribute. Take a look:

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