Kalmbach is Launching a Magazine About Drones Called Drone 360

Posted on February 3, 2015

Kalmbach and Discover are launching a new print and digital magazine called Drone 360. The magazine will debut on March 24th. The magazine will cover everything drone-related, including remote-control quadcopters, military UAVs and the latest FAA regulation.

The magazine comes at a time when drones have become a popular toy and a deadly military technology. Drones also have the possibility of changing the entertainment and media landscape. CNN was recently given approval to test drones for news gathering. Drones will likely be used to augment coverage at sporting events and concerts. Drones could also become a method of delivering product for retailers in the future.

Tim Kidwell is the editor of the new magazine. He says in a statement, "You see drones on TV, YouTube, Twitter-you hear about them everywhere! At Drone 360, we'll provide hobbyists great how-to advice and reviews. But we'll also go deeper, examining the significant changes drones continue to make to our culture, art, industry, and science."

Folio reports that the magazine will have a first issue print run of 35,000 copies. The launch issue in 92 pages. The regular price for the print and digital magazine is $7.99 each or both for $11.99. A website for the new magazine can be found here.

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