Greeting Cards

Welcome to our specialty section for greeting card writing and publishing. This section provides some basic information about the industry with links to greeting card publishers, news and related resources.

Greeting Cards Business

The Greeting Cards industry is a huge business. As a consumer you know that greeting cards are most popular during holidays. They also are also popular for events like birthdays, graduations, births and weddings. Paper cards are threatened by electronic greeting cards (ecards) but 1.5 billion holiday cards were still mailed last year according to CNBC.

Greeting Card Writers

The best work for those interested in becoming a greeting card writer is likely at one of the major greeting card publishing companies, i.e., a staff writer position at Hallmark or American Greetings. Another option would be to launch your own greeting card business. Some greeting card companies also accept freelance submissions. The Greeting Card Association (GCA) says writers are usually paid a flat fee between $25 and $150 for a submission that is accepted by the publisher.

Greeting Card Publishers
This page contains a list of links to websites of greeting card publishers.

Electronic Greeting Cards
This page provides links to animated greeting cards and web-based greeting card publishers.

Greeting Card Industry Resources
Links to greeting card industry links, directories and articles of interest.

Printable Greeting Cards
Find resources for templates and customizable online cards.

Blank Greeting Cards
Write your own verse using blank cards.

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