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Javascript Goodies by Joe Burns

Que, June 1999.
Trade Paperback, 356 pages.
ISBN: 0789720248
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Javascript Goodies
by Joe Burns JavaScript Goodies provides JavaScript instruction, tips and example code for use in building webpages. The book is designed and written at a level easily understood by non-programmers. Many of the JavaScript goodies in the book can simply be "plugged in" or inserted into the HTML code and used as is. However, for those who want to learn more of the inner workings of JavaScript, including basic concepts and explanations of each JavaScript program, instruction is provided in the text. The book also includes assignments so readers can test their progress. Solutions to these assignments can be found on a website set up by author Joe Burns. Some of the JavaScript topics covered include: pop-up text, pop-up windows, event handlers, flipping images, forms, arrays, mathematics, loops, scrolling text, clocks, random quotes, animations and form validation. The reference also includes a valuable basic concepts appendix, JavaScript command reference section and a list of scripts available at the author's website with a brief description of what each script does.

JavaScript Goodies is another excellent web developer resource from author Joe Burns, who also created the valuable HTML Goodies website and reference book. JavaScript Goodies contains tons of practical tips, JavaScript code and examples that will help webmaster's improve their websites functionality and appeal.

Microsoft Access 2000 Development by Stephen Forte, Tom Howe and James Ralston.

Que, July 1999.
Trade Paperback, 878 pages.
ISBN: 0672312913
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Microsoft Access 2000 Development
by Stephen Forte, Tom Howe and James Ralston Microsoft Access is a very powerful database development tool which can seem complicated to developers not familiar with its many functions. This reference helps users with some previous experience with Access or a similar database program learn how to make the best use of this powerful Microsoft application and learn the new tools available with the 2000 edition. The comprehensive coverage of Access in the text includes creating database applications, creating complex reports, developing databases for use with servers and other databases, integration with other Microsoft applications, using Access databases on the web and many other uses. Additional coverage in the book includes: SQL queries, Oracle databases, VBA, ActiveX, normalization, ADO, database design, forms, reporting, client/server, designing applications, integration with Office 2000, JRO, replication, security and web publishing. The accompanying CD-ROM contains third-party software and examples programs and code from the book.

Access 2000 Development is an excellent reference for Access developers which provides detailed instruction about using Access 2000 effectively and also provides a variety of information about using Access with other Microsoft Applications including Word and Excel and non-Microsoft Applications such as Oracle and Sybase. A top notch tool for database application developers.

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