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Teach Yourself Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 by Jill T. Freeze, Wayne S. Freeze.

Sams, May 1999.
Trade Paperback, 446 pages.
ISBN: 0672313286
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Teach Yourself Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
by Jill T. Freeze, Wayne S. Freeze This reference provides an introduction to Internet Explorer 5, the latest edition of Microsoft's web browser, and provides advice and information on web navigation, using email and designing simple webpages. Coverage in the book includes: getting connected online, web surfing basics, finding websites, safe e-commerce tips, customizing Internet Explorer, using your address book, using favorite places, browsing offline, using Outlook Express, chatting online, NetMeeting, Microsoft FrontPage and using Explorer with other Microsoft applications. There are twenty-four chapters (or lessons) in the book and each one is designed to take the reader approximately one hour to complete. Each lesson includes definitions of new terms, examples, instruction, practice exercises, a chapter summary and a short quiz. The accompanying CD-ROM includes WinZip, graphics for use with webpages, HTML authoring tools and other third-party web development programs. For web novices eager to go online with Internet Explorer 5 and get the most out of the experience, this book will give you a great jump start.

Webmaster in a Nutshell by Stephen Spainhour & Robert Eckstein

O'Reilly, June 1999.
Trade Paperback, 523 pages.
ISBN: 1565923251
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Webmaster in a Nutshell
by Stephen Spainhour & Robert Eckstein Webmaster in a Nutshell covers a variety of subjects commonly referenced by Web developers. Some of these subjects include: HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, CGI, Perl, PHP, HTTP and web server configuration. The book provides general information about each web programming language, details its main uses, and provides instruction on the fundamentals. Each subject chapter also provides a quick reference section of the languages major coding tags and functions. For example the HTML section provides a complete directory of HTML tags and their attributes and the JavaScript section contain listings of JavaScript objects and statements.

Webmaster in a Nutshell is a highly organized and well-structured compilation of web developing instruction and quick reference information including web coding tags, expressions, values, modules and statements. Webmasters looking for a quick fix, brush-up or fast introduction to a new topic will find this reference extremely handy.

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