Johnson, Updike Awarded Bad Sex in Fiction Awards

Posted on November 25, 2008

Author Rachel Johnson has won the Bad Sex In Fiction Award. Her winning love scene occurs in her novel, Shire Hell.

Johnson said: "I always wanted to win a literary award and to bag this coveted prize -- a prize that has been won by admired giants such as Norman Mailer, Sebastian Faulks and Tom Wolfe -- is, for me at least, a tremendous honour." The prize, awarded by Literary Review magazine, was presented by actor Dominic West, star of US TV series The Wire.


Johnson's winning passage includes the following lines: "I find myself gripping his ears and tugging at the locks curling over them, beside myself, and a strange animal noise escapes from me as the mounting, Wagnerian crescendo overtakes me. I really do hope at this point that all the Spodders are, as requested, attending the meeting about slug clearance..."

Rachel is the sister of London Mayor Boris Johnson. Rachel was not the only winner. John Updike received a lifetime achievement award. He has been nominated four times for the award: the latest was for a ghastly scene from The Widows of Eastwick. The judges stated that Updike had kept them entertained for many years. Congratulations to the winners!

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